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A Victorian-style comedy of manners that follows a year (and a few months) in the life of the Blaylock family, whose comfortable routines are shaken by the arrival of their plucky and unconventional new maid.

Originally published in monthly installments right here on the author's personal website, the novel is now a digital book that can be purchased through Amazon Kindle and enjoyed on any Amazon Kindle device, tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

The eBook features hyperlinks woven throughout the story that highlight story elements - and lead to a scavenger hunt that can win the reader prizes. 



"A charming story in a pleasant setting. Generally I don't read romance but I am interested in the serial format, which works well. I keep reading!"


-Joan, reader of the original serial

"It was a really creative story, lots of fun, and full of heart...A great deal of fun and one that I look forward to reading again in the future."

-Emmy, Goodreads


"Engaging and hilarious! An exceptionally funny and well-written coming-of-age story that is full of wit and satire."

-David J., Amazon

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