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The Reign of Victoria; or, the Year That Everything Changed is a Victorian-style comedy of manners that follows a year (and a few months) in the life of the Blaylock family, whose comfortable routines are shaken by the arrival of their plucky and unconventional new maid.

This serial novel can be read here at the Angeline Productions headquarters by scrolling down the main link above (if you're a new reader, begin HERE).



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Look out

for "hidden

hyperlinks" within the story!


Art by Ebere Okoro.

What readers are saying about


"I really like the dialogue, characters, and display of everyday events in one's life." -Sue

"How did you do the moving cat and the scribbled out writing in the letter? Creative." -The author's dad

"A charming story in a pleasant setting. Generally I don't read romance but I am interested in the serial format, which works well. I keep reading!" -Joan

"Terrifically humorous without being obvious about it. A delightful modern take on a classical style and setting."


"The story just keeps getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what happens!" -Erin

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