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A Slightly Spooky, Oddly Endearing Coming-of-Age Story.

13-year old Mildred is the youngest of three siblings and decidedly the most average—until her parents decide to turn the family home into a funeral parlor in the midst of a yellow fever outbreak, and she discovers that she can communicate with the restless spirits of their deceased patrons.

Not to mention, the ghost of her cat won’t leave, and her estranged aunt on an extended visit is boarding in her bedroom.

Set against a Southern backdrop in the early 20th century, "Memento Mortale," is a strange and funny story of a summer in the life of a girl whose world has been turned upside down and six feet under.


"Rich with otherworldly mayhem...Memento Mortale is an enjoyable novel that's a little spooky, a lot of quirky, and altogether charming." 

                                   - J. Lynn Else, The Historical Novel Society

"Dark humor and unforgettable characters. Delightfully creepy."

                     - Miranda Gargasz, author of Haunting Suspicion

"An original, engaging piece of work."

                           Reedsy Discovery

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