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“The Coroner’s Assistant…has made a Y-shaped incision in my chest and neatly nestled itself in my heart. Clocking in at well under a half-hour each [episode], this is a binge that won’t kill you. -Jules Caldeira, Film Inquiry

“An ambitious low-budget indie series…The interactions between these odd characters produce the most laughs.” -Alan Ng, Film Threat


“Director/writer Angeline Walsh manages to successfully collate all the hallmarks of a comedy-thriller…[The Coroner’s Assistant] goes beyond the confines of the screen and gives a peek-a-boo to what might have played in London theatres.” -Indie Shorts Mag


“Steered by the dynamic Angeline Walsh, The Coroner’s Assistant is a game-changer in the world of web series…Executed with a rare finesse in independent filmmaking.” -Overly Honest Movie Reviews


“A twisty, mischievous, and clever mystery. Great acting. Stellar cinematography. A tragicomedy that surely impresses.” -YouTube Audience Member @be-art-iful1215

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