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21st Century Spectacle (2015)

Movies, Mobsters, Mayhem.

After the death of her filmmaker grandfather, a modern-day girl discovers a mysterious old film reel that magically transports her into a silent-era film where she discovers that the events within the film mirror her life in reality.

Made in the late summer of 2015, 21st Century Spectacle was a bit of an experiment. Created with practically no budget, it was the first feature Angeline Walsh made with the help of local talent and friend Carolyn Riedel. Filmed on location in Seville, Ohio, Holy Trinity Church in Avon, Ohio, the basements of Walsh's grandparents', uncle, and neighbor, and Walsh's aunt's spare room, 21st Century Spectacle was a film made on the idea of "Why Not?"

Photo of cast by Angeline Walsh.

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