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"MissMatched" (2012)


Created for a film class.  The idea for the story was inspired by the Billy Joel song, "The Stranger", a song about how people have different sides to their personalities.  Thanks, Billy Joel.  Starring Savanna Brown as Ettie Holloway.


"Everything At Once" (2011)


Originally created for a photography class final project.  Song written and performed by Lenka.  Thanks, Lenka.


"Eleanor Put Your Boots On" (2014)


One filmmaker's humble interpretation of the lovely song written and performed by Franz Ferdinand.  Thanks, Franz Ferdinand.  Starring Elise Budowanec as Eleanor.  Cinematography by Kasey Drzazga.  Featured on the Ladies' Emporium blog in June 2014.


"The Man Who Loved Flowers" (2016)



Based on the Stephen King short story from his 1978 collection, "Night Shift".  A young man roams the city and buys flowers to bring to his girlfriend - except things aren't as nice as they seem.  Thank you to Stephen King and his team for allowing this project to happen.


Starring Anthony DeJesus, Joe Kowalski, and Kayla Gerogosian, with Diana Mishlan and Jim Shimko.


Public online screening of this film is currently unavailable.  Please contact Angeline Walsh for more information.